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By Rachel Hachlili

"Ancient Synagogues - Archaeology and paintings. New Discoveries and present study" provides archaeological proof - the structure, paintings, Jewish symbols, zodiac, biblical stories, inscriptions, and cash which attest to the significance of the synagogue. while regarded as an entire, these kinds of items of proof determine the centrality of the synagogue establishment within the lifetime of the Jewish groups throughout Israel and within the Diaspora. most significantly, the synagogue and its artwork and structure performed a strong function within the renovation of the elemental ideals, customs, and traditions of the Jewish humans following the destruction of the second one Temple and the lack of Jewish sovereignty within the Land of Israel. The e-book additionally features a complement of the record at the Qazion excavation."

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24 H. seventy six, W. forty three, Dp. sixty eight below nook of W27 and L. one hundred seventy, W. 20 (upper step) W25 Dp. 29, commencing W. one hundred forty built-in into west W27 H. sixteen, L. 27, W. fifty eight outdoor synagogue to the H. forty seven, L. one hundred forty, W. 35. 2 awl west in northwest room holes Dia. eight; Bolt gap 7. five × five. zero N front, base of? east Dp. fifty six jamb N front, moment lowest H. 36, W. 35, Dp. 33 east jamb N front, most sensible east jamb H. forty seven, W. forty five, Dp. sixteen N front, best west jamb H. 39, W. 36, Dp. fifty six N front, base west Dp. sixty one jamb N front, moment lowest H. 32, W. forty three, Dp. 60 east jamb H. sixty two, W. fifty six, gap in jamb face-Dia eight 86 Door jamb 87 Door jamb 88 89 ninety Door jamb Door jamb Door jamb ninety one Door jamb ninety two ninety three Door jamb with incised tree of existence on face of stone, dealing with south; damaged Stone with holes ninety four Arch stone with a gap ninety five Corbel with cyma profile ninety six Ashlar stone with oblong? hole on facade ninety seven Column on sq. plint, damaged, approximately dressed Column shaft Column shaft Stone with hollowed sq. subsequent to east bench subsequent to east bench Column shaft Doric capital with sq. melancholy (for beam? ), tough dressing box A, no longer from synagogue ninety eight ninety nine a hundred one zero one 102 Figures On platform pavement open air northern major front subsequent to northeast a part of aedicula box A, stone heap, outdoor synagogue to the west box A H. 26 L. 106, W. 35, Dp. 33 H. 36, L. 35, Dp. seventy two, gap Dia. 6 H. 21, L. 104, Dp. forty five Corbel projection thirteen H. 26, L. fifty eight, Dp. 32 Rectangle-13 × 10, zero. 7 deep H. forty three, column Dia 35, damaged; base-45, damaged H. fifty nine, Dia. 39 H. fifty four, Dia. 32 L. fifty four, W. 34, Dp. 37 Square-9. five × nine, zero. five cm. deep H. 32, D. 34 H. 35, column shaft Dia 38 Base fifty two × forty three, sq. sixteen × 15 Fig. III-19 Fig. III-18 Fig. III-18 Fig. III-18 Fig. III-18 Fig. III-18 Fig. III-18 Fig. III-31a 98 bankruptcy 3 desk III-1 (cont. ) AF no. 103 merchandise Provenance one hundred ten Threshold with 4 depressions for door and bolts, damaged Gutter Gutter Gutter Ionic ‘Golan’ capital, damaged Threshold fragment, with 1 gap, damaged Threshold with holes, damaged Corbel with cyma profile 111 Triangular corbel, damaged box A 112 Stone with 3 grooves (window body) box A 113 Column shaft with projections on shaft damaged, tough dressing Column shaft with projection Corbel with cyma profile box A, now not from synagogue 104 one zero five 106 107 108 109 114 a hundred and fifteen 116 117 118 119 a hundred and twenty 121 122 123 124 a hundred twenty five 126 127 Corbel with cyma profile, damaged Triangular ashlar, gable half with serpent? aid, gap in base Column shaft on around plint, damaged connected semi‑column (shaft only), face plastered Column shaft Corbel stone Dimensions in cm. box A L. 108, W. forty six, Dp. 31, Step-23; holes Dia. eleven, 7, 7 box A box A box A box A H. sixteen, L. fifty eight, W. 31 H. 22, L. fifty two, W. 34 H. 25, L. 27, W. 37 H. forty six, W. 27, damaged box A H. 32, L. forty two, Dp. 30, step20, hole-7 H. 14, L. forty two, Dp. forty, step-22 gap Dia-7 H. 20 W. 39, Dp. 37, projection 14 H. 22, L. 38, Dp. 39, damaged H. 27, L. sixty seven, Dp. 38 Distance among holes-11 H. ninety four, Dia. 36 box A box A box A H. fifty seven, Dia. 38 box A H. 20, L. fifty four, Dp. forty four projection 14 H.

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