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By Getzel M. Cohen

This authoritative and sweeping compendium, the second one quantity in Getzel Cohen's geared up survey of the Greek settlements based or refounded within the Hellenistic interval, presents historic narratives, special references, citations, and commentaries on the entire settlements in Syria, The crimson Sea Basin, and North Africa from 331 to 31 BCE. prepared geographically, the quantity pulls jointly discoveries and debates from dozens of commonly scattered archaeological and epigraphic initiatives. Cohen's magisterial breadth of concentration allows him to supply greater than a compilation of data; the quantity additionally contributes to ongoing questions and should aspect the best way towards new avenues of inquiry.

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2 757–59; SNG (Cop) Syria: towns 410–12; yet cf. Antioch IV. 2 766. 17. at the fortifications at Seleukeia see McNicoll, Fortifications, 85–89. 18. at the harbor at Seleukeia see, for instance, Appian (Syr. 4), who files how in 196/5 b. c. , after his fleet were broken via a typhoon, Antiochos III installed at Seleukeia (see additionally Livy 33. 41); see additionally Expositio Totius Mundi et Gentium 28 (ed. northern syria one hundred thirty five Rougé); and Seyrig, Syria forty seven (1970) 303–6; A. Poidebard and J. Lauffray, Sidon (Beirut, 1951) 32. in regards to the position and placement, Strabo says (16. 2. 7) that Seleukeia was once at the coast, forty stades north of the mouth of the Orontes; Pliny (NH five. seventy nine) says it was once at the cape of Antiocheian Syria. See extra Dussaud, Topographie, 419–22, 429–31, and map IX (opposite p. 424); Chapot, “Séleucie,” 149–50 and passim; Honigmann, RE s. v. “Seleukeia (Pieria),” 1197–1200; R. Stillwell in Antioch, three: 1–6 (and photographs); Seyrig, Syria forty seven (1970) 302–6 and map four (p. 304); Jähne, Klio fifty six (1974) 508–10; Grainger, Seleukid Syria, 69–71 and map 6(D) on p. 243. SELEUKEIA close to BELOS one of the towns within the inside of Syria Pliny (NH five. eighty two) mentions Seleukeia close to Belos (“Seleucia . . . advert Belum”). 1 regrettably he presents no extra details. therefore we don't understand whilst it was once based or by way of whom. The toponym indicates Seleukos I Nikator or his son Antiochos i'll were the founder; yet this is often hypothesis. even if definitely the right website is usually no longer recognized, the main most probably recommendation issues to the area of APAMEIA. 2 * * * * often see Tcherikover, HS, fifty seven; Honigmann, RE s. v. “Seleukeia 3”; Dussaud, Topographie, 155f. ; Tchalenko, Villages, VII–IX; Canivet, Monachisme, 192 and n. 156; J. Balty and J. -C. Balty in Géographie administrative, 68–71; J. -C. Balty in Recueil Saidah, 287–98; Grainger, Seleukid Syria, 138 and n. 6; identity. , Seleukid Prosopography, 774; R. M. Bradfield, Seleuco-bêlos (Burford, 2002). 1. For different literary references see, for instance, Ptolemy five. 14. 12 (Seleuvkeia pro;ˇ Bhvlw/). next authors check with town as Seleukovbhloˇ. hence Stephanos s. v. Seleukovbhloˇ, povliˇ Surivaˇ, plhsivon . . . levgetai kai; Seleukeu;ˇ pro;ˇ tw¸/ Bhvlw/ (on this passage see Dussaud, Topographie, 156 and nn. 1, 2); George of Cyprus 869; Hierokles 712. nine; Socrates Hist. Eccl. three. 25 (208) ( = PG sixty seven: 453); Theodoret (Philotheos Hist. three. 20, ed. Canivet and Leroy-Molinghen [ = PG eighty two: 1337]) known as it a polis of Syria; Theophanes (Chron. 348. 20, ed. De Boor) pointed out it as a village within the Apamev j wn cwvra. for 2 different possible references to Seleukeia close to Belos see the Res Gestae Divi Saporis 15 (SEG 20: 324, a[llh Seleuvkia, on which see E. Honigmann and A. Maricq, Recherches sur les Res Gestae Divi Saporis [Brussels, 1953] 158) and the Suda (ed. Adler) s. v. “Metrioi” (Seleuvkeia th¸ˇ Surivaˇ). 2. The topographic feature(s) unique by way of the time period Belos is(are) an issue. either Seleukeia and CHALKIS in Chalkidike have been positioned close to Belos. The time period, despite the fact that, may well check with a mountain or to varied rivers in northern and southern Syria.

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