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By Emil Schürer

Serious presentation of the full proof touching on Jewish historical past, associations, and literature from a hundred seventy five BC to advert one hundred thirty five; with up to date bibliographies.

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Int. arch, num. three (1900), pp. 135-7, pl- vi, nos. 18-24); cf. BMC Phoenicia, pp. xvii ff. ; J. -P. Rey-Coquais, Arados et sa pSrie aux ipoques grecque, romaine et byzantine (1974), P- 324). The worship of Dagon or Dagan wa. s it appears delivered to Palestine from Babylonia; and whereas it used to be basic one of the Philistines, it used to be now not restrained to them and is well-attested in Ugarit. Dagon appears to be like to were a god of fertility, and in Palestine and Ugarit to were finally dislodged via Baal. See R. A. S. Macalister, The Philistines. Their historical past and Civilization (1914), pp. 99-114; S. A. cook dinner, the faith of old Palestine within the gentle of Archaeology (1930), pp. 170-1; W. F. Albright, Archaeology and the faith of Israel ( * I nine five three ) , p. seventy six; J. grey, The Canaanites (1964), p . 122; R. Dussaud, Les ddcouvertes de Ras Shamra [Ugarit) et I'Ancien testomony (1941), pp. 104-6; s. v. 'Dagon', I D B I. p. 756; GMVO I, pp. 49-50 (Mesopotamia); 276-8 (Syria). For the worship of Dagan in Ugarit within the moment millennium B. C. see e. g. CAH II, 2 (^1975), pp. 136; 139; 153; one hundred fifty five. Cf. R. du Mesnil du Buisson, Etudes sur les dieux phdniciens hiritis par I'Empire romain (1970), pp. xv; 46-54. 18. The earliest point out of Joppa because the scene of this occasion happens within the fourth century B. C. [Scylax of Caryanda] Peripius (Miiller, Geogr. gr. minores I, p. 79). Cf. regularly: Stark, Gaza, pp. 255 ff. ; 593 f. ; RE s. v. 'Andromeda'; Abel, Hist. buddy. I, pp. 271-2. 19. Pliny, NH ix four / 1 1 : 'Beluae, cui dicebatur exposita fuisse Andromeda ossa Romae apportata ex oppido ludaeae loppe ostendit inter reliqua miracula in aedilitate sua M. Scaums longitudine pedum XL, altitudine costaxum Indices elephantos excedente, spinae crassitudine sesquipedali'. On Scaurus see vol. I, pp. 244-5. 34 I^- The unfold of Hellenism in that zone. ^" The Hellenistic myth in accordance with which Joppa was once based b y Cepheus, the daddy of Andromeda, additionally issues to it. ^i PUny even speaks of a cult there of the Ceto,22 and Mela mentions altars bearing the names of Cepheus and his brother Phineus. ^^ After J o p p a used to be destroyed as a Jewish urban within the rebel of a. d. 6 6 - 7 zero , the Gentile cults once again received the ascendancy there. ^* In Caesarea, first confirmed as an immense urban b y Herod the nice, we stumble upon essentially the cult, attribute of the R o m a n epoch, of Augustus and Rome. all of the provinces, towns and princes competed with each other at the moment in getting to this worship, which was once certainly prudently rejected b y Augustus in Rome yet seemed on with favour and inspired within the provinces. ^^ It is going with out asserting that during this topic Herod couldn't faU at the back of. If a common statement made b y Josephus is to be taken actually, he based Caesarea {KaLcrdpeta, i. e. temples of Caesar) 'in many cities'. 2* rather pointed out are these in Samaria, Panias (see less than) and our Caesarea. The fantastic temple raised there stood on a hill dealing with the doorway to the harbour. inside of have been huge statues, one among Augustus modelled after Olympian 20.

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