Hello there

So it’s 2018 already? What happened to 2017? Ah, who cares, it was an awful year. Probably the worst in the history books for music and musicians. We lost so many magnificent artists it’s difficult to recall them all. Let’s hope this year is gong to be a better one filled with musical joy, and our world leaders doing the right thing………..well, we can certainly see one of those happening anyway.

So it’s time for a new release! In a few days (19th Jan) my new single Caroline is released on Audiofile Records. There have been major changes at the label in recent months, and at one pint I thought that I may never release any of my music ever again with them. But here we are. Changes are still ongoing but thankfully it’s looking as though I will be releasing music a while longer yet. Audiofile have been my home for almost 9 years, and I especially owe a huge debt of gratitude to Atheen who has been a massive help for all that time. But good things sometimes come to an end and so we carry on.

I’ve always thought that any songwriter/artist worth their salt would be loathe to churn out the same kind of music release after release, and with this ideal in mind I am again attempting to move forward musically from not only my previous release, the acoustic Phonus Balonus, but from anything I have written & recorded before. It may be a small step on this occasion but I have a batch of material that is definitely unlike any previous albums with my name on. I hope in my heart that you will come along for the ride with me…………change is way more exciting!

So, I hope you like the single and accompanying video. Check back in a few days for more news, or better still sign up to the mailing list and get all the news and offers first.

In the meantime…….have a great year.

See you on the road!

Nick x