What A Load Of Phoney Baloney!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written on this blog. Over two years in fact!
It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to write about, far from it.
There’s been so much happening in the world that topics for songs were plentiful.

Since the last blog entry I have written & recorded an album, scrapped the album, lost my band, got a new band together, lost them, written 30+ new songs, recorded a new album, some new videos, written songs for several other acts and also slept a fair bit.

Scrapping a whole album? Sort of. It was almost finished, but it wasn’t ‘right’. The recording process wasn’t ‘right’. The feel of the album wasn’t ‘right’. It took too long to record & I like to work quickly, spontaneously. The idea behind the album was good, and I may well return to it at some point, but I think I needed to do something completely different at this point in time.

Losing the band was probably a turning point. Maybe I’m difficult to work with? Too driven? Who really cares, it was the green light to do something that I’d always hoped my musical heroes would do. Strip it right back. Bare bones. Intimate. Close. Let the songs breathe. Let the stories be heard.
One thing about being a solo artist is that you can always rely on yourself to forge ahead. My songs. My vision. I know what I want to do, what it looks like, sounds like. If no one else likes it then I have only myself to blame. I prefer it that way. We all want to do our own thing, right?


Well, I’ve done just that. After World In Reverse (2014) where we recorded everything as a full band, this time I’ve recorded an album where I play all the instruments (except drums on 1 track which were played by young drummer Bob Thomas, and bv’s on another track sung by producer Hina Gajjar). I’ve recorded this way before but only on some tracks, not the whole album. And it was a joy to record with a new producer, a singer songwriter in her own right, Hina Gajjar. She soon found what it was I was trying to achieve, and her help was immense. Thank you Hina……take me to the bridge!

A single has already been released as a taster & is available via the ‘Shop’ tab (I Know You Know We Know), and we will probably release another before the album release in a couple of months.

The official website is currently having a make-over, and we are adding stuff to it all the time. Vey shortly there will be new merchandise, videos, concert dates and some nice offers to be seen.

So for now, au revoir. And I promise not to ignore you for so long in future.
Check back soon now you hear!

Nick Ward
Sept 2016